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Welcome to TheInteractiveZoo, a website with information on all things animal! Whether you’re looking for advice on a pet, or want to know more about wildlife species, you will find it all right here Providing professional, in depth knowledge on a range of topics, whilst promoting the improvement of welfare for all species.
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About TheInteractiveZoo

Promoting Animal Welfare

The main aim of this website is to provide more information on animal care and the current issues species are facing, in order to educate and encourage people to help make a difference! Better education = Better welfare.

Founder of TheInteractiveZoo

Founded in 2014, the website was created by Animal Behaviourists who are motivated in making a difference. Using professional knowledge, combined with a passion for animals, the website aims to cover all aspects and topics of animal care.

Future Developments

The website is currently still in the development stages. Future plans will involve covering a wider range of topics to appeal to more animal enthusiasts, whilst building a larger basis in social media.

Get Involved

Are you a Pet-Pro?

We are looking for pet professionals to get involved in adding more information to our pet pages! Knowledgable and enthusiastic pet owners can send us information about specific species that may be added to our pages! We aim to keep our pages up to date with the latest information- the more detail the better.
We have rough guidelines for anyone who wishes to write sections of a page, or an entire article, that can be posted with reference to the author!

Become a member of TheInteractiveZoo

Become a member of our website to share information with other animal enthusiasts. Share photos that will be placed in our online album, ask or answer questions in our pet forum, and discover what blogs and current topics are trending in the animal world!

Connect with TheInteractiveZoo

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News and Updates

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